The gate of Shidian has been beaten. It should be that there are some hurried footprints around the two senior dynasties in front.

The corridors of Shidian are staggered and then spread to unknown places in the depths. After entering, Lexus and others are scattered and looking for all kinds of treasures, but they are very busy at the moment.
Let’s go this way.
Lin Dong didn’t stop here. His eyes looked at the wrong corridor, and there was a surge of light in his eyes. Then he waved his hand and took the lead.
Behind it, MoLing three people must not hesitate to talk to the mill iron Tang Xuan Liu Xuan, and they also hesitate to go. In their opinion, it would be safer to come with Lin Dong.
Lin and his party swept across the corridor, but his eyes were brighter and brighter, and he felt a kind of excitement. When he entered the stone hall, he felt a sign of boiling in his spirit.
This kind of situation is rare for Lin to meet, but he knows that when the spirit senses its close relationship with the spirit of heaven and earth, there will be such a movement. Obviously, in this Leiyan Valley, there is something tempting for Lin’s spirit, that is, the spirit tree he dreams of.
After a few minutes, the rushing figure finally stopped at a spacious stone room. Now, Lin Dong and others are in sight. This stone room is full of amazing energy fluctuations and rich medicinal incense is constantly emitting. Obviously, here is a warehouse for all kinds of elixirs.
And Lin’s eyes swept this spacious warehouse, and finally it solidified in the most central position, where there stood a withered and yellow young tree. From a distance, all kinds of branches seemed to be natural and mysterious runes faintly communicated with heaven and earth.
Tian fu ling Shu
Looking at this ancient tree like a rune of Judah, my eyes are also shining on top of the world at this moment.
Write a card chapter and stayed out of it for three hours. I don’t want to stay out of it for a while. I feel that writing like that is not good. Today, I hope you will forgive me. Chapter 445 Tree runes
The strong medicinal incense came to my face, and the amazing energy transition also made the iron mill and others stunned, and immediately they breathed more and looked at the stone-filled elixir.
Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief and then slowly walked into the stone chamber. As he walked in, he was able to find that the stone chamber was huge and there were many elixirs in it. However, Lin Dong did not look at them, but stared at the distant day. The footsteps of Fuling Tree suddenly accelerated.
Mo Ling and others followed Lin Dong. At this time, they also found Lin Dong’s target. Although they had long known that there was a ghost tree in this Leiyan Valley, even if they were prepared, they still felt uneasy.
Hehe, Brother Lin’s luck is really good. No one knew whether it was true or not at the beginning. I didn’t expect that we just entered here, and it was not long before we met Mo Tie. He said with a smile that some envious days in his eyes were rare and precious, but they knew it, but they were not ignorant people. If Lin had come all the way, he would have behaved in an ordinary way. Maybe he would have had a little dispute on this day, but fortunately, Lin moved his hands twice to completely shock them.
When they saw Lin Dong, they didn’t hide their enthusiasm for the Fuling tree. They also felt that they didn’t say much, and then turned around and carefully put some good elixirs nearby into the bag. If they sold these things, they could also get a lot of Nirvana Dan.
Lin’s footsteps finally stopped in front of the Fuling tree. Because of the close distance, he can clearly see that the branches of Fuling tree are densely covered with fine lines on this day. These lines are as good as the world, but they are magical and make people feel intoxicated.
And when Lin looked at the tree carefully, his eyes became hotter and hotter.
Brother Lin, if you want to talk, hurry up. If you are late, you will change.
Grind the iron for more than a dozen rare muti, then come and look at the forest, carefully look at the day and wake up with a smile.
Lin smiled and his eyes flashed, but he didn’t start work immediately.
Hey, hey, these spirits of heaven and earth are also eligible for you kittens and puppies. Just as Lin’s eyes flashed, a slightly cold smile suddenly sounded in this spacious stone room.
The sudden sound immediately made the grinding iron and others nervous and the whole body force burst is surging and folded to drink a way
make a din
Just as the mill iron and others were drinking, a black shadow was still ghostly and violently plundered, and then suspended and half-eyed. Looking at the slightly cold face of the mill iron and others, I drew a disdainful sneer at you. I won’t kill you. Get out!
And when talking, the shadow man’s footsteps are full of majestic breath, which makes the face of Mo Tie and others suddenly change dramatically and lose the nirvana.
Damn it, where did this guy come from? It’s another nirvana. MoLing is behind Lin Dong and scolds him in a low voice.
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he wasn’t surprised. He knew that he was attracted by the ancient secret key, but it wasn’t the Dawu Dynasty of Xuan Bing Dynasty. In that darkness, he was bound to be eyeing others, and this person should be one of them.
The faces of people such as Mo Tie and others are also clenched with fists when the majestic breath of the shadow people dissipates, but there is no way to face the nirvana, and they simply resist.
Looking at the silent grinding iron and others, the shadow man just smiled slightly, and his body movement was swept to the heavenly Fuling tree in the gloomy eyes of all.