After looking at each other, the adults all made plans to stop for a while and wait and see.

From their eyes, we can know that although they are extremely afraid of this sudden monster, they are not at ease to kill the old man.
Yes, this beast’s power is indeed in them
However, most people think that seven people joining forces to attack the behemoth may not be able to take advantage, which can be seen from the fact that the behemoth has not put pressure on it since its arrival.
What makes them hesitate is that they don’t know whether this behemoth is a more powerful master behind it.
However, just when they were dark and horrified, the situation in the bucket suddenly changed dramatically.
In the severe pain, Yang Tian finally made up for the lack of physical power, and the real dragon power broke out again.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Once again, the dragon songs that shook the heavens and the earth went through every corner of the fighting field, and everyone could listen to them, which contained heartbreaking pain.
But in pain, I’m crazy enough to kill.
The golden light suddenly filled the golden dragon and roared to the ground. When Tianluo was horrified, he felt that a shock had been blown away.
The bright red card spilled along the way finally gave him a taste of injury.
This scene fell on the human eye and immediately aroused a strong sense of murder. I couldn’t help but look at it to others and wanted to do it at once.
But several other bosses at this time, although they are also in danger, they have no immediate hand meaning.
Obviously, at the moment when Yang’s celestial body really broke out at its peak again, they had changed their mind and suspended their intention.
Maybe they think it’s not a bad thing to get rid of the underground fire first.
Without their help, Daxiang Ji always lends them a courage to hate and endure.
In the fighting field, Yang Tianyi’s fist shocked the enclave fire, and Tianluo didn’t stop at all. The flash of his body had chased the flying body.
When the daylights out of the fire, I clapped my hands desperately to win a little breathing space.
In fact, at this moment, the fighting spirit has been replaced by fear, and he is completely sure that he will fail.
There’s no suspense. Yang Tian easily shattered the underground fire. When the palm was black, Yang Tian’s body didn’t even shake, and even the underground fire was not shaken back.
A moment’s fire has scared the daylights out of him, because Yang Tian’s hand has been pressed on his spirit.
The familiarity of this scene is simply the re-enactment of the original scene of the fire and the sky.
Luo Cha saved the door once. Will anyone save him this time?
In the desperate struggle, Dihuo Tianluo’s eyes turned desperately to the big picture outside the bucket, but he saw that Daxiang Nai turned his head.
Counting the tiny golden runes, Yang Tian’s palm poured into the fire, the sky and the soul.
This is Yang Tian’s unique stunt, the Kowloon Lock God Skill, and only in this way can the great magical power seal the level of the God of Fire and Heaven.
In the dragon’s power to crush the fire, a pair of eyes are still shining and struggling, but they have been occupied by golden light from time to time.
You killed me, a bloody soul beast, so you can make up for it.
The arrogant and cold voice went straight into the fire when it was all over the field, which made him completely desperate.
Finally, the eyes of the fire suddenly dim, and the hole is brighter than the light.
At the same time, Yang Tian pressed his hand to lift his fingers and grasp a golden light, which was immediately taken by him.
The golden light is twisted and changing, showing the immortal god who is struggling to make a final struggle.
This scene falls in the horror of the big brothers, because they all feel inexplicable chill in their hearts.
Hand a slight shock that golden light has disappeared and disappeared together.
That’s an extremely strong black body. Many strong hearts can’t help but envy it.