A big drink at the bottom of my heart is super 15 thousand volts

Hidden in the body, the moment is full of Bi Yuanyang’s sword, and the white arc is reflected in Fu Chen’s pale face.
The red tip of the sword immediately dazzled, and the fine awn was still a little at first, but in the blink of an eye, the sun dazzled and blinded in the afternoon.
Fifteen thousand volts as Fu Chen’s mind is extremely compressed at the tip of the sword, the strong arc is interspersed back and forth in the sphere, and it also becomes distorted.
Protected in the center of the whip, staring at this strange scene, that white light mass is like a god of death, which seems to announce her end.
Don’t swing husband face upwards roar.
Go ahead, flick.
After the extreme compression of the true qi of Fu Chen’s agitator, the light mass is still like a light shell, and it is like a whip shadow.
Sen white arc rapidly spread outward.
The blood-red cheongsam immediately turned into powder and white jade, and the body was covered with ultra-high pressure purple and black, causing the figure to become bloody. At this time, the right arm was blown off by half of the blood and human flesh, and the scene was disgusting.
At the same time, he came to help Dangfu and immediately rushed to the side where he was still shaking and twisted into an S-shape.
From Fu Chen’s release to injury flying, it was almost completed in one second, even if he forced him to swing, he could not save him.
Xiao Fengdangfu angrily yelled at him and hugged the woman he had lived with for 30 years.
The corners of the mouth are black with blood, and my body is shaking every few seconds. Fang Lin laughs at me. I can’t do it. You must kill this bastard for me, or I will die unsatisfied.
Don’t worry, Xiaofeng, I’ll let these people stay with you. I’ll repay our savior and I’ll stay with you.
Dangfu’s eyes were sprayed with angry sparks, and everyone in the room was scanned. I’m going to chop them to death with a knife
Fu Chen has just used the true qi to condense the long-range attack. It was a few days ago that he had already practiced it. This is the first time that he has used it to meet the enemy. Such a powerful force also surprised him.
Of course, if this trick doesn’t succeed, then Fu Chen can fight the slut one against two, and by this time, his end is not far away.
Just as the slut left for life and death, Fu Chen heard the conversation clearly.
The real name of Dangfu is Fang Lin and the female name is Xiaofeng.
An empire knows that the names of these two people are not many, but is more interested in Fu Chen, the benefactor of Fang Linkou.
In the past three years, this evil couple don’t know how many boys and girls have been ruined, and such an evil person is actually a benefactor.
What kind of person will the benefactor be in the evil population?
Fu Chen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and thought that things were getting more and more interesting. What is behind these things? I didn’t guess wrong. Chu Weiguo’s parents were not killed by a slut three years ago. It was all a conspiracy.
And the death of Chu Weiguo’s parents must be Fang Linkou’s benefactor.
It seems that Fang Linkou’s benefactor is really interesting
Fang Lin gently put phoeny’s rage and hatred, and his face became distorted. The blood attribute and qi immediately condensed into a stinking combating Dao. I want your blood to pay homage to my wife.
Chapter one hundred and one Who is it?