Before, just as he flashed away, a chain shot hard and deeply into the mountain wall, and the wide cracks spread rapidly, and the fierce force made Lin move with a cold sweat

Bastard, are you ready after all? When you are dying, Lin Dong can’t help yelling at the little mink not far away
A little longer, the little mink’s eyes were tense, and he looked at the white light claws suspended in the stone cave and danced rapidly. As its claws danced, the white mans gradually moved as if they were condensing extraordinarily powerful forces.
When I saw the sable, I could curse the ancient halberd with one hand and thrust it obliquely, but my body was pushed back for more than ten steps again, and my qi and blood were churning.
This blood spirit after strength is getting stronger and stronger.
Feeling the blood spirit after this attack, the strength of Lin’s eyes is also changing. This blood spirit after strength has recovered too fast. If he goes like this, he won’t be strong for long.
Blood. I want blood.
However, the blood spirit didn’t give Lin much breathing, and its scarlet eyes stared at Lin’s eyes intensely, filled with bloodthirsty taste.
Hua blood spirit after a quiver body rushed again this time turned out to be directly in the half flat a ghosting visible how fast its speed.
Looked at Lin’s complexion is also a change of shape. He just wanted to retreat. The blood spirit is now with a rich bloody taste. His red arms are pulled out together in front of him. If they flash, they will catch it at Lin’s throat. The lotus flower at his fingertips flashes with a sharp strong breeze that is not inferior to senior Lingbao.
Blood spirit after this blow is extremely rapid, and the blood arm is also rapidly enlarged in Lin’s eye pupil. However, when Lin quickly wants to defend, blood spirit suddenly stops, and a latosolic red python shoots from the rear and entangles its waist so that it can get further.
Small inflammation looked at this sudden to help Lin move my heart micro eyes swept away, but it was not far away that Xiao Yan left the python tail to stall the blood spirit after cling.
Little phlogistic hair roared and lotus flower broke out all over, but it directly dragged the blood spirit after living and then dumped it in two circles in half and left it on the mountain.
A cave trembled again, and a huge pit appeared on the mountain, and the small inflammatory monster beast suddenly broke out. The strength was also quite terrible, and even the blood spirit was dumped by it
However, although the blood spirit was dumped, it was obviously impossible to do any harm to the back, so a blood arm climbed from the deep pit again and the blood spirit became more and more ferocious.
Hua go deep blood spirit after arm shaking a huge chain is tearing gas fast if flash bomb to inflammation.
However, just as the chain was about to bomb France to avoid inflammation, a black shadow suddenly jumped in front of it, and when the chain hit the body as a gold iron, the shadow was directly pumped away and a large depression appeared in its chest.
And when the shadow landed, it was discovered that it was Lin Dong’s advanced operator. But this once powerful advanced operator is as fragile as paper in front of this blood spirit.
Strong strength looked at the chest depression higher operator after Lin is canthus twitching.
Kill fuzzy and hoarse blood spirit after the mouth it stared at Lin moving body once again swept the hands of the chain dancing like a windmill with a terrible strong breeze swept to Lin moving.
Magic ape change
See blood spirit after the fierce attack Lin also dare not neglect a low drink body is swollen hands day scales GuJi also with the expansion of several times with the help of possessed apes to enhance strength, he also will hand GuJi dance behing ghosting that blood spirit after hard regret together.
And when Lin moved blood spirit after hard regret, Xiaoyan also roared and rushed to join the war circle. Lin moved together to cling to blood spirit after.
A series of amazing strength ripples in the magnificent stone cave swept like a storm, and the rocks in the cave shook constantly and the cracks spread rapidly.
At the same time, one person and one beast hand comes to the body from time to time to resist the attack of the blood spirit. After a while, the stone cave turned out to be a little stiff.
However, Lin’s heart is white, and this kind of rigidity will collapse rapidly, because in the battle, this blood spirit is getting stronger rapidly, so it is bound to be difficult to compete with each other.